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Solar Power


Squeaky Energy owns it’s own solar PV plants that operate together as “mini power stations” and make squeaky clean energy whenever there is daylight...all year round.

Our solar estate is bought and paid for, allowing to sell clean & green energy at a lower cost price per unit while helping to displace the generation of energy from fossil fuels, resulting in energy that is both a lower cost for our customers and the environment.

Our generation is matched with demand from customers, so that when a customer requires more energy, we can quickly scale up and down our generation as and when required (in real-time), a concept that is new to this industry, but founded in Cloud Computing years ago.

By partnering with Telecoms Cloud and Internet of Things Limited, and with our real-time monitoring, we carefully balance supply and demand so our solar generation can match our customers needs, but on a very granular and local level. We do this by offering optional tariffs based on per second billing, billed at different rates throughout the day.

Customers can use our real-time app to secure the price of the entire energy consumption of an appliance, based on a set time duration.  This enables customers to buy energy at a fixed price for an operation of a machine to perform a job or function, for example a farmers milking machine, industrial washing machines or factory production line whereby customers have a fixed cycle process and therefore by knowing the fixed energy cost per cycle, our pricing allows them to budget ahead and set flexible finished product pricing.

In addition to this, our customer trading platform allows customers with their own solar installations to sell back to us “spare” energy using net metering, so our customers can sell us their excess energy at the same rate as they buy it, resulting in a fairer, more transparent and smarter energy solution for customers.