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Energy Storage


Having the ability to store excess energy is key in any modern energy distribution system.

As an independent generator, our storage system gives us maximum flexibility, allowing us to store unused energy for delivery during peak-times, when our customers need it.

By storing our green energy at source, we don't have to buy in off the grid, burn fossil fuels or force customers to reduce their consumption, our unique approach allows us to innovatively balance supply and demand while retaining our green credentials.

Using a combination of batteries, compressed air (and other new methods that we are trialling), our energy storage system allow us to ride out peaks in demand as well as helping to cover base loads when generation is low.

By having multiple generation types (solar and wind) and having a substantial storage capacity, we are able to enjoy efficient supply and demand balancing, ensuring that we have enough reserves to provide peak demand while have the ability to quickly recharge our storage, all done using our innovative algorithms and in-house supply and demand controller.

Our energy storage system is not the single answer to our success but a key component, our minute by minute supply and net metering system combined with solar and wind generation allows us to carefully meet demand and that demand is either booked in advance or calculated using predictive analysis.

Our customers on our best tariffs enjoy the best rates because they agree to stay within a demand envelope, ensuring that their demand does not exceed our capacity, but without having to constrain the customer's energy requirements at set times. Our customers block book energy over a set time, buying in advance, but because we meter based on the time period it was consumed in and the type of load the appliance is, customers are able to secure the best energy cost price while helping us to balance our generation and energy storage system in-line with customers daily energy demands.

You can read more about our Energy Storage System in our FAQ.