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About Us


Squeaky Energy powers businesses with squeaky clean energy from 100% renewable sources.

Our 100% green and renewable energy comes from various solar and wind farms that are either owned by us, or our customers, who sell their excess energy back to us and in turn to our other customers via our trading platform.

Either way, we are helping to displace the generation of energy from fossil fuels, helping to protect the environment by lowering pollution, while utilising the latest technologies with the Internet of Things to help balance supply and demand.

Our energy prices are not linked to oil or gas markets or greedy cartel's, they are a set price, for a duration set by the customer, and as we have no need to continually chase wholesale market prices, our customers can accurately budget for their energy costs for the longer term.

Squeaky energy is challenging and transforming the energy market, creating a fairer Eco system whereby everyone creates and enjoys the value together while pioneering a new way forward in sustainability, with clear actions and a defined responsibility towards the impacts of climate change, Squeaky is the new frontier in the harnessing of clean, green & natural energy for the future.

Our combination of solar and wind generation that we and our customers/suppliers own, put us into a unique position of being able to supply energy at a lower cost to our customers then traditional fossil fuel generation.